The Transformational Vibrations of INFINITE KITTEN Now Available on SPOTIFY and ITUNES

The Transformational Vibrations of INFINITE KITTEN


The Transformational Vibrations of INFINITE KITTEN, Now Available on SPOTIFY, ITUNES, AMAZON and BANDCAMP

The latest full length release from INFINITE KITTEN is now available across the mediascape. It can be heard on SPOTIFY and purchased on ITUNES, AMAZON and BANDCAMP and along with a host of other online availability.





This CD spans genres and styles, ranging from tech house to IDM to ambient, breaks, hip-hop and funk. This CD takes you on a journey into the funnest recesses in the mind of INFINITE KITTEN. This CD explores themes from mischief to sexuality, fantasy and the innermost desires to the angst ridden journey of claiming one’s own identity. This is a fantastic voyage with INFINITE KITTEN at the helm, taking charge of getting you to your destination before it’s too late.

Buyer’s of this CD should be sure to download the custom CD Sleeve. I designed this while exploring the effect of the vinyl listening experience. The CD sleeve protects a CD in the same manner that a dust sleeve will protect a vinyl record. Please download the printable DIY CD Sleeve, print it out, assemble it and enjoy the 21st century as we reference music distribution media from the 80’s and 90’s.

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