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Clear your mind for the week ahead. Quiet Music is music for reflection, contemplation and gathering strength. This second installment of our series will feature special guest: The Ambient Mind of Infinite Kitten //UPDATE A recording of this performance is available on Mixcloud // Monday, Nov. 14 7:00 – Space is opened 7:30 – The…


  WARPER PARTY NYC’S Largest Showcase of Electronic Music and Art PRESENTS: WARPER House at FIGMENT We will be bringing the gusts of FIGMENT two days of LIVE Electronic Music programming and two floors of installations, interactive art and short film screenings and workshops on making electronic music.   ///////////////////////////////////////////////   FIRST ANNUAL WARPER FILM…

SELF STARTER (1… 2… 3… Vocal Mix)

Self Starter - Infinite Kitten

THE UNREPENTANT DESIRES OF INFINITE KITTEN are here to eroticize your mind and exfoliate your shy-ass-self! This is all about just putting on a slick beat and saying what’s on your mind… But don’t bring any shame into the game, because it just blows the whole situation.

I came up with the concept for this track whilst performing on the 14th st. and 6th ave L train platform in Manhattan. It just happened and I did it a few times until I figured I should just record it. This is compiled from old pieces and bits. The beat is a sped up rhythm lifted out of a track I did with Circuit Cult. It bears no resemblance to that track.


Infinite Kitten - That's IT!

The latest track from INFINITE KITTEN! This minimal electro-break track explores minimal breakbeat rhythms and subliminal sonic noize. The vocal samples of Terrence McKenna are deftly intertwined with the rhythm so as to emphasize the concepts and theories being explored by the music. This track is currently a FREE DOWNLOAD. This is the first of a series that will be released at a later date this year.