PLUSHSTATIC – An Ambient Bliss Party @ Demoplex, April 13, 2019

PLUSHHSTATIC_ambirnt Bliss Party April 13th 2019 @ Demoplex



An Ambient Bliss Party
April 13th, 2019
9PM – 3AM
Demoplex, 109 Meserole Manhattan Ave.
FYI, This is Meserole St. in Williamsburg, not the Ave. in Greenpoint.
NY Electronic Underground is hosting PLUSHSTATIC, a way underground ambient pillow party. We invite you to come and relax to an evening of deep listening music and noise and visuals. This will be a small intimate event where guests are encouraged to take their shoes off and recline on comfy pillows and air mattresses.
There will be three performances throughout the evening. Kicking it off will be The Subliminal Cult of INFINITE KITTEN with Visuals by RGB Values. The second act will be The Azerbaijan A/V Club which, as their name indicates will provide both audio and visuals. The third act will be the infamous noise band Plan 23.
The night will consist of three performances of deep listening ambient and noize music.
The Subliminal Cult of INFINITE KITTEN, Visuals by RGB Values – Electronic musician and experimentalist, Infinite Kitten will provide a soundscape for your dreams of the future. RGB Values will provide visuals that will warp the mind and soothe the soul.
The Azerbaijan A/V Club uses improvised music and video to create an immersive fusion of concert and cinema, a hypnotic trip that hints at hermetic meanings and unnamable emotions. The musicians, equipped with guitar, clarinet, percussion, and turntables, compose collective music while the VJ improvises visuals shaped and generated by the sound. The group has been playing together for seven years, and their psychic links make for a potent gesamtkunstwerk, where every sound is an image and synesthesia is law. Examples of the group’s work, as well as photos of them in performance, can be seen at
Plan 23, Visuals By: Chris Jordan – Psychedelic music for the 21st century. This seminal noize act will round out the evening with their unique sound. They will get inside your head and wipe away your troubles and worries.
NY Electronic Underground implores you to explore your boundaries and sensuous experience, but ask that everyone follow the ground rule that makes NY Electronic Underground possible…
This will be an intimate party and we want people to enjoy their own comfort zone, but respecting the boundaries of others is paramount to this experience. Remember your rights end where the rights of others begin.

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