Cadence 23 Festival

The Subliminal Cult of INFINITE KITTEN at CADENCE 23

Cadence 23 Festival


We invite you to an extraordinary convergence of NYC experimental artists, a liminal place of live audio (from ambient to deep minimal techno), visceral performance and light worthy of dream science, in a massive warehouse being transformed day by day by NYC muralists. FULL SCHEDULE BELOW.

Come when you will. Stay as long as you like.

INFINITE KITTEN set was recorded and is available on Mixcloud


THE SETTING: a 7000 Sq ft warehouse relic temporary arts zone with open air courtyard,
M,7,E,G to Court Square + 1 block walk

DOORS @ 3 PM Saturday,
Beer & Wine bar. Daytime & evening picnics in courtyard.

5PM to 10 PM Saturday. The intervention begins: Experimental, Ambient, Noise & live audio/visual performances.

10PM Saturday to 5:30AM Sunday. The Crescendo (PLAN 23 & SOCKS AND SANDALS) into a deep, live audio minimal techno Groove (BUNKER artists ZEMI17 & LEISURE MUFFIN and BORNE (Anticipate)

530AM to 9PM Sunday The Sunrise reveries, sonic church, llve instrument harmonics, ritual sculpture & tidal aftermath silence.

******FULL SCHEDULE******



6:30PM ERIC BARRY DRASIN (, NYC)– Realtime Audiovisual Performance,

7:00PM NAOKI IWAKAWA, Long-time Brooklyn via Japan action painter Naoki presents TOTAL ECLIPSE, a live creation on canvas with a-hum providing live soundtrack (

7:30 PM exileFaker (8bitpeoples) Inquisitive 8- and 16-bit dance rock + noise

8:00 PM DR. SEAN CLUTE (Double Vision) & LEIF HUNNEMAN (The Simulcrum Project, }hex dump{) present GIHON, a weaving of field recordings of the Ghion River with live responsive video and electromagnetic processing that reveal the recordings’ playback mechanisms.

8:45 PM AGENT MT, intertidal poetics, “Two Bodies near sunrise” (

9:00 PM NAO NISHIHARA (Guest Artist from Japan, Asian Council Grant), sound art performance, “walking on two ears in this world”–Nao wears a drum on his back with a mallet attached by a string to his feet. Who is the boss of the body?


10:00 PM PLAN 23 with BISAN TORON. Plan 23 is Dok Gregory (23Windows/ZGT/Amoeba Technology), Jeremy Slater (Leimay, Sonic Front) & WvS (Ab Uno Pluribus, Data Nerds) 21st century psychedelic / sonic explorations. BISAN TORON, extraordinary voices (Creature Work, NYC)

11:00 PM SOCKS AND SANDALS (ISTANBUL/BALTIMORE–Microcosm Music, Love and Cush Records) outer space dance floor meets atmospheric tribal


12:25 AM LEISURE MUFFIN (The Bunker NY, Monophonic Antelope) Modular synth improvisation that moves

2:00 AM ZEMI17 (Bunker NY, the Danger, Gamelatron) Long play Live experimental techno set derived from gongs, insects and urban

3:30 AM BORNE (Anticipate NY) live audio slo-mo techno with lush acid acid accents

4:30 AM PLAN 23 Set #2. Plan 23 is Dok Gregory (23Windows/ZGT/Amoeba Technology), Jeremy Slater (Leimay, Sonic Front) & WvS (Ab Uno Pluribus, Data Nerds) 21st century psychedelic / sonic explorations.


9 AM NeezA (Insect Crew, NYC) Sounds summoned through psychedelic portals a la David Blaine

10:00 AM NURBSTREAM (23 Windows, Mantis Haus) – electronic musical explorations, from nuanced and ethereal to dark and driven.

11:00 AM J SOL TRIEZE aka JST (Brooklyn–subfloor 12, Fire Drill) with ZACH BREWER. Visuals by Sebastian Mlynarski.
An experiment in the contemporary collective consciousness. Rabbit holes will be followed.

NOON 2Beeps (Fool’s Gold Records, SHARE) – Sound collage by improvised live-looping using iPads and an OP-1.

3:00 PM The Subliminal Cult of INFINITE KITTEN – Subliminal Spacenoize and Science-fiction Comedy,

4:00 PM POWER MYSTERY (Brooklyn) Synth, drums, bass. Intimate droney psych tunes with synth, drums, bass.

5:00 PM A-HUM (Project Kandata) experimental/ambient: guitar, pedals, drum set, microphone

6:00 PM SMOMID (Chico Hamilton, Exegesis, Violet Transfixion)
Homemade instruments emitting light and sound

7:00 PM LinearElectricDisturbance (Amoeba Technology)–The Oscillation of the Space Time Fluctuation

8:00 PM HISAYASU TAKASHI w/ KELVIN DALY (23 Windows), live sculpture ritual with master-crafted homemade electro-rigged instrumentation

Vision & Installation Magic

SEEJ (, kinetic light sculpture, projection art) presents an installation of water & light

SHIGE MORIYA (LEIMAY, CAVE/ BROOKLYN)–ambient projection poetry from CAVE & LEIMAY founder with meditational light

JIMI PANTALON (WASH MACHINE PRODUCTIONS, NYC)–projection mapping, live video mixing,

FEATHER BONE BLACK, Erin Ellen Kelly, body of elements (


The warehouse walls are a tapestry of art newly created by NYC-based MURALISTS: Rubin415, Dark Pony, Erasmo, Oksano Pro, Key Detail, Julia Yu Baba, Resa, Walker Fee, Nicolina Art.

STEEL: Chandelier by Rosanna Scimeca

follow the art @artsorg on instagram

$12/ advance
$15/ door

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